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Department of Applied Sciences is one of the ineluctable departments of the Institute. It imparts excellent quality education in the area of Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) and Humanities i.e., Communication skills for the eventual technocrats of all streams.

The department of Applied Sciences aims to provide an enduring foundation in the fundamental sciences. Fields of engineering are closely related to applied sciences. Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge of the principles on which engineering is based. The department also strives to inculcate the scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry in students. It encourages the students to understand and therefore apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study.

The Department of Applied sciences is of vital Significance in technical institutions. It is essentially the foundation stone on which the structure of various professional courses rests upon. Applied science is a bridge that connects pure, basic science like physics or chemistry with engineering practices. Faculty and students in applied science employ fundamental physical and chemical principles to create innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important societal problems. The department of Applied Sciences at RIEIT strives to make the budding technocrats well-equipped and well versed in their prospective professional careers.

The vision of Applied Sciences Department at RIEIT is to serve as a model for 21st century education in engineering and applied Sciences by promoting technical excellence and a broader understanding of engineering in the wider world and to build upon the interdisciplinary strengths in the foundational Sciences, create a "critical mass" in select new and emerging areas, and enhance application based research. Applied Sciences enhance the linkages between engineering and other professions with the aim of tackling increasing complex challenges that lie at the interfaces of science, technology, and society.

The Department is backed by well-educated, talented and dedicated faculty members to fulfill this task. In addition to the primary teaching duties discharged by them, many of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession. The subjects taught by teachers of this department are of prime importance for all round growth and development of students. Teachers are always ready to guide their students whenever they are being approached. The Department is carrying a mission to create and disseminate knowledge and tools in intellectual areas at the interfaces between areas of engineering and other core areas of Applied Sciences.

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