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  • PEDA-PTU sponsored Seminar on Renewable Energy


    If energy is a paradigm of societal progress, the need of the hour and duty of society is both energy development and reduction in its consumption. However since energy is not storable, both endeavours of development and storage can never guarantee its uninterrupted availability.
    Citing a pertinent example towards Indian endeavours in energy conscientiousness Dr. B. S. Pabla, Professor Mechanical Engineering, NITTTR, Chandigarh exhorted Rajasthan state had made good use of both Sun's heat and winds velocity to drive the public machinery to success. He, while inaugurating the seminar on Renewable Energy and energy conservation organized at Rayat Institute of Engineering and information Technology ( RIEIT) called upon the engineers towards improvement of technologies, which is the duty of engineers. He reiterated the need of the hour is to plan research in sustainable technologies.
    Earlier Prof. Suresh Seth, Joint Campus Director gave the welcome address and introduced the Rayat Bahra Group's endeavors in educating need of energy management. He expressed his happiness over the synergy planned by the college , and congratulated the organizers of seminar.
    The Director-Principal of the college Dr. Priyavarat Thareja counted the fulfillment of 'constancy of purpose' towards nursing the cult of Renewable Energy by researching in development, use and of efficiency and austerity in consuming energy patterns commensurate with the theme of seminar. He called upon the engineers and researchers to exploit all thinkable options of energy development in the renewal energy domain giving innovative examples viz borrowing energy from a neighbor's mobile, duly converted into microwaves or by using blue tooth. Such impetus need be developed expeditiously. He reminded transfer of microwave energy was abundant. Newer ways of Transformation need be researched.
    Global Warming can terminate the world in circa 2353 AD said Prof Priyavrat Thareja, Director Principal, Rayat Institute of Engineering & Info Technology, Railmajra, SBS Nagar. He built this case while he was addressing the participants of the National Seminar on Renewable Energy and Energy conservation, duly sponsored by The Punjab Energy Development Authority and The Indian Society of Technical Education, concluded at RIEIT, Railmajra, on Saturday, the 14th June 2014.
    Dr Thareja based this prophecy after the regression analysis of carbon dioxide emission data of 264 years collected from years, anticipating as to when the value of carbon dioxide will touch 0.5% (from the current level of 0.04% ), and is set to cross over the threshold of 0.5 for atmosphere.

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