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Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory
The applied thermodynamics lab has a number of models, cut sections and experimental setups to make the students conversant with actual engines and measurement of their performance.

Heat Transfer Laboratory
The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the students about the different heat transfer processes like conduction, convection & radiation with the help of equipments and also to make them understand different heat exchangers, heat pipes practically. It also aims at calculating heat transfer coefficients, thermal conductivity and Stefan's Boltzmann's coefficient. This lab is equipped with complete setup for performing the experiments.

Strength of Materials Laboratory
The objective of this lab is to provide know-how to evaluate the different mechanical properties of various materials. Advanced facilities like creep testing, fatigue testing, torsion testing, Hardness testing machines are available apart from the basic testing facilities.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Laboratory
This lab is equipped to perform the experiments including the performance and study of basic components used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The equipments include Refrigeration Test Rig, Water Cooler, Simple Vapour Compression System, Domestic Refrigerator, Ice Plant, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System, Blower Test Rig, Air Conditioner and Cut Sections of different components.

Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Laboratory
This lab is equipped to cover the concepts of Heat treatment and their effects on the microstructure and hardness of the metal. Polishing Machine, Metallurgical Microscope, Metal Shearing Machine, Muffle Furnace, Induction Hardness Machine are some of the equipment of the lab.

Automobile Engineering Laboratory
This lab improves student's knowledge about various systems of automobile, like suspension, differential, steering assembly, various types of braking systems, engine internal cut outs etc.

Theory of Machines & Vibrations Laboratory
This lab is equipped with various working models to enable the students to understand the theory of machines & vibrations developed and the methods of their measurement.

Industrial Automation and Robotics Laboratory
This Lab gives an idea of hydraulics and pneumatics coupled with simulation kits. A complete set up of pneumatic training experimental equipment is available.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
The purpose of this lab is to study the working and constructional features of fluid machinery like turbines, pumps and other hydraulic equipment. This laboratory is well equipped with the experimental setup to perform the experiments on fluid machinery and demonstrate the working of different machines.

Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Laboratory
Metrology has a great importance in quality assurance. The aim to establish this laboratory is to provide practical training in the field of various types of standards & measurement. The laboratory has conventional, optical (and laser based) equipments used in metrology. Profile projector, Vernier Height Gauge, Depth gauge, Universal bevel protector, Straight edge and other measuring instruments.

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