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Free/ Open Source Software Lab( WEB TECHNOLOGIES)

You probably know that computers don't communicate with each other the way that people do. Instead, computers require codes, or directions. These binary codes and commands allow computers to process needed information. Every second, billions upon billions of ones and zeros are processed in order to provide you with the information you need.

So what does that have to do with your ability to post your latest pictures online? Everything.

The methods by which computers communicate with each other through the use of markup languages and multimedia packages is known as web technology. In the past few decades, web technology has undergone a dramatic transition, from a few marked up web pages to the ability to do very specific work on a network without interruption. Let's look at some examples of web technology.

BTCS 901 Web Technologies (Elective-I)


Introduction, Internet Addressing, ISP, types of Internet Connections, Introduction to WWW, WEB Browsers, WEB Servers, URLS, http, WEB applications, Toolsfor WEB site creation (4)


Introduction to HTML, Lists, adding graphics to HTML page, creating tables, linking documents,frames , DHTML and style sheets .(6)

Java Script:

Introduction, programming constructs: variables, operators and expressions, conditional checking, functions and dialog boxes, JavaScript DOM, creating forms, introduction to Cookies


Introduction to java objects and classes, control statements, arrays, inheritance, polymorphism, Exception handling.


Why XML, XML syntax rules, XML elements, XML attributes, XML DTD displaying XML with CSS.


Introduction, HTTP request, XMHttpRequest, AJAX Server Script, AJAX Database.


Introduction, syntax, statements, operators, sessions, E-mail, PHP and MySQL, PHP and AJAX.

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